Jr. Livestock

Every year, Weber County youth purchase and raise 4H and FFA livestock projects to compete at the Weber County Fair. In addition to the expense of purchasing their animal, feed, and supplies, these livestock projects require hours of hard work to feed, train, and prepare their animals for showing at the Fair.

Youth learn essential life skills, such as communication, cooperation, responsibility, service, leadership, as well as the humane treatment of animals. They also learn that these animals are being produced as food that will end up on a consumers plate one day.

4H and FFA livestock projects provide opportunities for young people to develop solid values that will serve their community. The Jr. Livestock Sale provides the community with an opportunity to invest in our youth and their future.

Youth use the proceeds from the sale of their livestock projects to fund college educations, humanitarian service missions, or simply to get a start in life after high school.

As a buyer, your participation in the Jr. Livestock Sale recognizes youth for the expense, time, and hard work that goes into raising an animal for market. Please support the Jr. Livestock program and invest in the youth of Weber County!